VDL Windsor H

VDL Windsor H

Friday, June 27, 2014

Careful, brave, smart - these are the characteristics of VDL Windsor H and his offspring

Emma, 2009 filly by VDL Windsor H, competing in the 5 year old jumper class with Vivian Millard
Dexter,  2008 gelding by VDL Windsor H, competing in the 6 years old jumper class with Peter Gisborn
VDL Windsor H (Indoctro x Voltaire), 2003 stallion competing in the junior/amateur jumper division with Vivian Millard


Farah, by VDL Windsor H, schooling the coop

I love Windsor's offspring, and the reasons why can all be found in this 2010 filly sired by VDL Windsor H.  Farah loves to work and LOVES to jump.  She is smart, brave, athletic, and she will jump anything. Even though she has only been under saddle for 6 months, she jumps around the schooling ring like she's been doing it for years.  

VDL Windsor H makes superb riding horses for the jumper and event rider.

Farah listening to the aids, with Vivian Millard

Friday, May 23, 2014


Emma, by VDL Windsor H with amateur rider Vivian Millard
Another show ring debut!  This is Emma, a beautiful mare by VDL Windsor H, at her first show. 

Emma made her debut in the 1.10m jumper class for 5 year olds at Caledon National Horse Show, at the newly renovated Caledon Pam Am Equestrian Park.  Emma handled the excitement of the new venue with the patience of an old pro, so typical of VDL Windsor H offspring.  That is why offspring by VDL Windsor H make such great amateur horses!!

Monday, July 29, 2013


Dexter (VDL Windsor H x Voltaire) with Vivian Millard

Dexter at Gimcrack Equestrian Centre
Dexter is a gorgeous 2008 gelding by VDL Windsor H. He made his debut in the jumper ring at Caledon Equestrian Park in 2013 with amateur rider Vivian Millard. 

Standing at 17.3 hh, he has his sire's beautiful, elegant exterior and is an amateur rider's dream - easy and uncomplicated to ride, with Windsor's trademark willingness to perform and gentle temperament. 

We invite you to meet Dexter, and other offspring of VDL Windsor H, at Gimcrack Equestrian Centre.

Dexter's debut in the grand prix ring at Caledon Equestrian Park

Show time!

We have some photos from the 2013 show season. VDL Windsor H has been performing in the high jr/amateur classes on the A circuit in Ontario with his amateur rider, showing off his classic jumping form and amateur-friendly temperament.

VDL Windsor H, flying high with his amateur rider, Vivian Millard

VDL Windsor H, 1.30 m classic, Caledon Equestrian Park

VDL Windsor H, 1.30m jr/amateur class with room to spare

VDL Windsor H showing his beautiful back end finish!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The strength of bloodlines - from grandfather to grandson

Indoctro (Capitol x Caletto II)

Indoctro, a son of the famous Holsteiner stallion Capitol, not only passes on his exceptional jumping talent and excellent form, but also confers upon his descendants his good conformation and uncomplicated willingness to perform

VDL Windsor H (Indoctro x Ahorn)

Dexter (VDL Windsor H x Voltaire)
Dexter, a son of VDL Windsor H, is no exception.  His quiet demeanor, desire to please and exceptional rideability are typical characteristics of VDL Windsor H offspring. Dexter is shown above at 5 years of age in his debut in the 1.0 m jumper ring at Caledon Equestrian Park.

Concorde's Tiantha in foal to VDL Windsor H

Tiantha with Vivian Millard at Caledon Equestrian Park
Great news!!! Tiantha (Concorde x Celano x Notaris) has been confirmed in foal to VDL Windsor H.  Pedigree experts will notice the linebreeding back to Capitol (through Indoctro in Windsor's sireline and Celano in Tiantha's damline).  Our 2012 foal Harley (see below) is actually the son of Concorde Tiantha's daughter, Angelina, and will be the "nephew" of this new foal.

Tiantha is a KWPN registered studbook mare who, at the KWPN-NA mare inspection, received the highest jumping score in all of North America for that inspection year. At the age of 3 she won the Freejumping Competition of Eastern Canada, and at the age of 6 placed in the top 10 at 1.35m in the Jumper Development national finals.  Over the past years Tiantha has been at the centre of our showjumpers, competing up to 1.50m with rider Vivian Millard.  She is currently retired at Gimcrack Equestrian Centre.

Tiantha shows fabulous technique over jumps, is exceedingly careful, and is very quick off the ground.