VDL Windsor H

VDL Windsor H

Thursday, November 17, 2011

VDL Windsor H achieves full CSHA approval

VDL Windsor H (Indoctro x Ahorn)
We are happy to announce that VDL Windsor H achieved full approval with the CSHA in 2009 by fulfilling his performance requirements for Bronze status.  Windsor is already fully approved with the CWHBA through his results in the 2008 Stallion Performance Test, where he was Vice-Champion.  You will find VDL Windsor H on the roster of both CSHA and CWHBA stallion directories, making his foals eligible for registration with either of the respective registries.

Windsor's pedigree and information page

VDL Windsor H will be available for breeding in 2013 commencing May 1st until the end of the breeding season, with some limited availability only for the month of July, when he may be showing out of province.  Please contact us directly for specific dates.  Best wishes for a successful breeding season!